More Than Tracy Turnblad is a cabaret about fat representation in media and musical theatre. Abby Morris details her experiences as a plus size performer while dissecting and dismantling the ever-present cultural stereotypes about fat people. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll sing along! You'll go on angry feminist tirades! The goal of this piece is to explore an issue of representation that goes largely unspoken/ignored by the artistic community, but is deeply felt by those who (literally) don't fit into the ideal.

More Than Tracy Turnblad will be available for bookings post-COVID! Contact for more information.


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Abby Rose Morris is a New York based actor, singer, and writer. She created More Than Tracy Turnblad after being mistreated due to her size at an audition...for a fat character. A firm believer in the power of visibility onstage and screen, Abby hopes to break down barriers for larger bodied actors and people. In her spare time she attempts to break free of her own internalized fatphobia, haunts the nightmares of costume designers everywhere, and daydreams about being the first fat Gypsy Rose Lee. She also hosts the More Than Tracy Turnblad podcast and writes about fat representation on the More Than Tracy Turn-Blog.


More Than Tracy Turnblad was originally produced in the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival by Coffee Cup Cabaret at The University of the Arts. The show received a generous grant from the UArts President's Fund for Excellence. It was accompanied by Nicholas George Xavier Blum and directed by Elana Mariani and Liberty Laferriere.

In May 2019, Emerge Theatre Co. presented More Than Tracy Turnblad in Bethlehem, PA. It was once again accompanied by Nicholas George Xavier Blum.