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I'm (fat and) blogging!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Hi everyone, welcome to my web site and my blog for my solo cabaret, More Than Tracy Turnblad. As I've been writing the script, I keep realizing that there's so much more I want to include in the show that just doesn't fit in the script. This is where I will also be documenting my day-to-day experiences as a fat person and actor. And the first thing I want to discuss is the use of the word "fat," because it's about to come up a LOT on this blog.

Before you jump to "you're not fat, you're beautiful!" or "but you're still healthy" or something else defensive of me, I want to say this: thank you, because I know you are trying to protect me. But the thing is, what other word am I supposed to use? Fat is factual and to me, being called various modified versions of it my whole life, it's refreshingly honest. I am not interested in describing myself as fluffy, zaftig, chubby, big-boned, obese, or my personal favorite, "...well, you know." Plus size is okay, because it's also factual, although I'm kind of in between plus and "regular" sizes, so I'm a little ambivalent about that one too. So yes, I will be calling myself fat a lot on this blog, and that's just how it's going to be! I will discuss the exact parameters of fat and plus size (and who is allowed to be described by said adjectives) in a later post.

I mean, to be clear, I wouldn't prefer if YOU referred to me as fat out of context, and I wouldn't prefer if you brought it up out of context. (This has been happening a lot lately, and I'm not sure if that's because I've gained weight, or I've been around more people who feel entitled to comment, or I've just been noticing it more since I'm working on this show. Probably a combination.) Anyway, please be considerate and hear me out. I have accumulated a lot of experience being fat over the years--plus even more research--and I am very excited to share it.

Until next time,


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